Sílvia Ferrer.

162 cm. Visual artist and designer, 1995.

Born and based in Valencia, Spain.

Formerly a multidisciplinary artist coming from illustration to digital experience, Ferrer has a clearly figurative background in which costumbrismo and delicacy are afloat concepts.

With the recent venture of her own fashion brand, DiF, and the influence of architecture and interior design, her interests have come to focus on enhancing the subject’s beauty through their surroundings.

That’s why she is entering a new phase as an abstract artist, in which design is crucial during the sketching process.

Starting, as usual, from a minimalist base, Ferrer constructs compositions that embrace and uplift the person in front of them. Here is where beauty as apparent superficiality brings us to individuality, expression and presence. There is a corporal connection between the piece and the creator, which is the making. And this connection returns from the piece to the viewer when they feel clothed by it.


Vogue ES (July 2021)

Vogue ES (April 2020)

Cosmopolitan (March 2020)

Radio3 (February 2020)

Verlanga! (2019)

CulturPlaza (2018)

Telva (2018)

Vogue ES (2018)


Hybrid Art Fair. Madrid, 2020.

Como Pedro por mi casa. La Central, Barcelona, July 2018.

Unkown Art. Valencia, 2017.


Mail hello@silvia-ferrer.com

Instagram @silvia.frrr